Downspouts/Sump Pump Disconnection Notice

The 1979 Regional Wastewater District Sewer Use Ordinance strictly forbids the entry of surface water into the sanitary sewer system. While some of the clearwater may enter the sewer system through the system itself, the District believes the large majority of clearwater enters the system from downspouts and sump pumps which are illegally attached to the sewer system.

Each sewer customer helps pay for the cost of treating clearwater that is passed through our sewer system to a treatment plant. Since clearwater does not need to be treated, the District’s customers end up paying for treatment that is unnecessary.

The first step we must take is to reduce the problem is to make certain that all downspouts and sump pumps are disconnected from the sanitary sewer system. If you have downspouts or a sump pump connected to the sanitary sewer system, those connections are illegal, and you must disconnect such illegal connections as soon as possible. Failure to disconnect a downspout or a sump pump could result in legal action to remove the illegal connection at the customer’s expense and to impose fines for diverting clearwater into the District’s sewer system.

Should you need additional information, call the office at (765) 282-9754.