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Monthly Meeting
We are returning to face-to-face meetings beginning with February 2021. Please know that if there is great interest in attending, we will look to handle the amounts by the following by contacting customers if needed:

Our constituents are welcome to attend the meeting virtually by receiving the email invitation and entering from there. If you will send your email address to, you will be entered into the meeting attendees list and an invitation will be sent with instructions to gain entrance to the meeting.

Please bear with all of us as this is a learning curve that we will conquer together!

Please stay safe!

Board Meeting Information

Regular meetings are on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at 401 S Albany St, Selma, IN 47383.

Wastewater Utility Preliminary Engineering Report

The presentation details the colaboration between the Delaware County Regional Wastewater District and the Liberty Regional Waste District.

About the District

Learn more about who is on the board and other information for the public about the Liberty Regional Waste District.

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